Benefits of En Route Technologies’ Vehicle tracker for Logistic Business

En Route Technologies’ vehicle tracker offers accurate, reliable and timely delivery in today’s fast-paced environment. You can increase the number of deliveries, deliver faster and keep your customers happier.

Know where your Fleet is at one glance with En Route Technologies’ Vehicle tracker

  • Get full visibility on the activities of your fleet at one glance.
  • Increase operational efficiency by locating the nearest driver to a specific point of interest.
  • Monitor driver behavior and know how your fleet is performing. Get accurate mileage.
  • Create task and manage routes to avoid unnecessary fuel wastage and track the location of your vehicles anytime from anywhere.

Ensure your deliveries are always on time

  • With En Route real time location feature you can ensure all your deliveries are done on time.
  • Using the live updates you can now provide your customers accurate estimated arrival time giving them excellent customer service.
  • No more delays in responding to customers thereby improving deliveries predictability.

Get full Reports to reach safety, compliance and savings

  • With En Route you can expect great savings while running a safe and compliant fleet.
  • Gives you complete control over your vehicles and drivers with insights and alerts to take appropriate actions.
  • Keep record of vehicle service maintenance in one platform, eliminating the manual process thereby saving time.
  • Set up lower fuel consumption targets for your team by managing fuel spend and consumption.

Challenges faced by delivery fleets

  • With increasing growth of e-commerce and online purchases Logistics and delivery fleets face an increasing demand.
  • They experience peak seasons where careful planning is needed.
  • They need to offer responsive and an efficient customer service.
  • Accurate location information and estimated time of arrival are today’s essential for customers.
  • Logistics and delivery High Performance industry cannot compromise safety and compliance.
  • Fierce competition in the sector often erodes profit margins.
  • High source of cost includes Fuel, maintenance and insurance.

Solutions En Routech’s Vehicle Tracker offers to overcome the challenges

  • Helps in optimizing the planning of routes to be traveled, deliveries and task.
  • Helps in predicting peak working hours and scheduling appropriate assets and resources.
  • With the vehicle data from En Route GPS tracking system extra information to your customers and their goods can be provided.
  • Helps in providing accurate arrival time estimates with live updates for great customer service.
  • Always keeping control on fleet compliance and drivers behavior.
  • Helps in detecting new business opportunities.

Thanks to its fuel management and maintenance system fleet can reach huge savings along with long-lasting best practices.