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EnRoute Technologies LLC is one of the largest emerging companies in GPS tracking systems in UAE. Certified by SIRA with many successful projects under our belt, we have become a reliable name in the region. We aim to be amongst the top ten companies in the Gulf and Africa region by 2025.

En Route Technologies LLC offers an extensive array of services addressiing fleet management system solutions. Our services encompass consultation, configuration, installation, testing, maintenance, and repair. We have created a vast clientele in the region due to our top-notch service standard. Enroutech’s 24/7 customer support is also ideally designed to cater to the varying requirements of the clients.


Enroutech is one of the leading telematics service providers in the Middle East.

Enroutech offers the best GPS vehicle tracking system in UAE. From the vehicle’s live location and status to trip history and geofence, everything is available. Every detail of the vehicle, including speed, mileage, engine hours, location coordinates, etc., is visible in real-time.

The efficient fleet tracking software is custom-built to manage all the aspects of a commercial fleet. You can monitor the fleet activity, keep a record of vehicles and staff, generate insightful reports, and manage maintenance tasks effectively. With more operational control, you can achieve better profitability.

Whether you want to monitor fuel consumption or reduce your carbon footprint, Enroutech is the ideal choice for you. Real-time monitoring allows you to keep an eye on the fluctuating fuel levels. Notifications are triggered for any sudden change in the quantity preventing leakage.

Enroutech not only offers the best fixed asset tracking software but also allows excellent remote monitoring. Efficient reporting, sensor integration, multi-user access will enable you to manage your inventory better. With efficient alarm systems and real-time notifications, you can ensure foolproof security.

Live GPS Tracking

Get realtime location coordinates, motion and connection statuses, addresses and track the movement of the vehicles. You can keep a full control on your operations and monitor fleet activity round the clock. With the availability of realtime GPS data, make smart data-driven decisions to achieve short-term and long-term business goals.

Realtime Notifications

Receive realtime alerts for Fuel Level, Driver Identification, Overspeeding, Idling, Ignition Status, Geofence Entry/Exit etc. remotely on your device.


Mark a geographical boundary as a geofence and get notified on entry and exit to prevent deviation from the designated area.

Track History

Get trip history of the vehicles in a specific timespan with distance, duration, start/end time of the trip and view instantaneous location on the map.



Manage end-to-end maintenance of your fleet by scheduling service, triggering reminders and marking its completion. Keep complete financial record of maintenance by managing invoices.

Customized Reporting

Create custom report templates for Trips, Engine Hours, Fuel, Driver Performance, Maintenance, etc. by selecting the required fields and generate time-based summary and detailed reports for them.

Safety Alarms

Get timely alerts for any emergency like Unauthorized Driver Entry, Vehicle Theft, Fuel Drainage, Over Speeding, etc.

Driver Behavior Monitoring

Monitor the driver behavior with timely alerts and grading reports based on performance during trips.


Send real-time commands to perform different actions like Immobilizing, Power Cut, Engine Off etc. on the vehicles.

Sensor Integration

Connect digital and analog sensors with the software through seamless integration and view their real-time data.



GPS tracking and trace, with no sensors or multiple of drivers using same vehicle + means extra harware needed


Lite plus more control usiing platfrom and extra hardware, + means extra hardware needed.


Advanced users with added and customized features, + means extra Hardware needed


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