About us


Solve problem, Create Value, and Increase Productivity.

Catering business surveillance service requirements, security systems trading and solution provider, partnering with different disruptive technologies from global vendors spans over the fields of GPS tracking ,Telematics, IOT, M2M, CCTV, Connectivity, and Cybersecurity.

working in a close association with clients and vendors to understand processes, and integrate different technologies to improve operations, maximize ROI and facilitate decision to move forward.

Who We Are

SIRA Approved Surveillance Service Provider. En Route Technologies LLC is a SIRA Approved Security Surveillance Service Provider, for GPS tracking and CCTV systems trading and installation, and operation. In addition to security features of GPS tracking systems, pushing telematics data into powerful platform to facilitate fleet management, hence customer feedback is core for developing reliable and intelligent platform and assure customer satisfaction, high Return on Investment, .

What We Do

To achieve our goal, we create the best hardware and software solutions which consumers experience as easy to use, high value for money, reliable and intelligent. Our roots are in the emerging high growth markets such as Africa, Asia, Latin America and Middle East. The cornerstone of our competitiveness is TLD landmarks, our own mapping standard that makes a totally new tracking experience possible with maximized user friendliness, reliability and efficiency.

How We Do It?

Visual mapping such as Google Maps was not created for the tracking business – try our unique experience with TLD landmarks today and realize the new era of tracking! We develop our devices and system in house to provide the best solutions for our customers and give them an unobstructed vision about the fleet and how they can increase the productivity and saving money.
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