IoT Software Services

For future needs of your business.

Seamless Integration of
hardware and software

EnRoute Technologies provide reliable Internet of Things (IoT) services for different scales and scopes of businesses. A wide range of service are offered from IoT mobile and web app development to data visualization and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity. Our solutions helps businesses make smart data-driven decisions that can scale up profitability. We have a team of skilled IoT professionals that ensure flawless service delivery to help businesses become sustainable.

IoT Services

EnRoute Technologies offers a wide range of IoT services that help connect variety of devices with software enabling business to make smart decisions.

Product Design

Product Design ingredients: Our design experts provide iterative design to ensure user-friendly and attractive user interface. We provide design prototypes to ensure 100% fulfillment of requirements.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning ingredients: Through our smart solutions, you can identify potential risks through predictive analytics. We enable your business run smoothly with the power of useful data.

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development ingredients: With an experienced mobile development team, fully responsive and easy-to-use cross platform IoT apps are developed enabling remote monitoring of data.

BLE Connectivity

BLE Connectivity ingredients: EnRoute Technologies provides end-to-end assistance for hardware software integration through Bluetooth connectivity.

 Software Development

Software Development ingredients: EnRoute Technologies develops a wide range of user-friendly and secure SaaS platforms to help businesses monitor data coming from various devices.

 Wifi Connectivity

Wifi Connectivity ingredients: Monitoring and managing software connectivity with the internet through simplistic means like WiFi chips to ensure uninterrupted data transmission.


IoT Development Services

We develop fully secure IoT mobile and web applications to connect with devices and manage their data. All our solutions are compliant with the latest industry trends.

Data Retrieval

Our software solutions retrieve data from various hardware and sensors in a secure form. The data is stored on the cloud and remain readily available for the users.

Data Processing

We know the real worth of data in its structure. Our software organize the data in the structured so that it can be used in the most effective way.

Data Analysis

We incorporate the best practices of Big Data analytics to analyze the IoT data. Our visually appealing solutions provide useful data insights.

Hardware Prototype

We have a large number of hardware partners who collaborate with us to conduct detail testing on integration with IoT devices. Any custom settings required can be tested during prototyping to ensure seamless integration.

Industry-Focused IoT App Development

Many businesses are only now beginning to realise the full potential of Internet of Things technologies. EnRoute Technologies’ IoT services are used by business of all scales and scope to achieve their objectives. 


Healthcare businesses including hospitals, clinics, therapy centres, laborataries use our IoT solutions to monitor data for their daily operations


Hardware like security camera, motion sensors, alarm bells, etc used in smart homes can be seamlessly connected to our software.


From the POS system to CCTV cameras, retail stores of all types rely on our IoT solutions to achieve foolproof safety and transparency.


Fleet businesses can track their vehicles through our monitoring platforms providing them useful data live real-time location, ignitions statuses, trip details and much more.


Our IoT solutions are really popular amongst the industries of all sizes and types to provide the data anaytics for run efficient operations.


From petrol stations to oil refineries, every business can make use of our smart monitoring platforms for monitoring the quantity, filling, leakage, etc of fuel