Cargo & Logistic

Enroutech offer services to support different types of cargo operations ranging from trailer to air cargo tracking. From small cargo companies to large conglomerates, our tracking solution is the preferred choice for all. Our fleet management system comes with a route optimization feature that facilitates efficient logistics management and fast delivery. With the help of these solutions, companies not only improve their operational productivity but also generate better revenue.



The first step in supply chain management is obtaining raw materials. With the availability of a trailer module in our fleet management solution, managers can keep track of the cargo on the go. From the time it is loaded on a vehicle till it reaches the destination, every move during the journey can be monitored. You can receive notifications whenever the cargo is offloaded, ensuring the prevention of theft.

Distribution Centers

Our fleet management system streamlines the transportation of the cargo from warehouse to distribution center. Asset tracking system ensures that the shipment reaches the distribution centers timely. With efficient vehicle management and trip scheduling, the dispatch of the vehicle is done smoothly, resulting in better productivity.


When the shipment reaches the warehouse for storage, Enroutech’s GPS tracking system notifies it by showing the latest location. Inventory can be managed efficiently by our asset tracking system. By applying different sensors, including temperature and humidity, the condition of the assets can be preserved. Likewise, alarm sensors can prevent any attempt of theft.


Enroutech fleet management system facilitates all the aspects of delivery from the start till the end. With efficient route optimization, the drivers can take the shortest path to their destination. The real-time monitoring ensures that the drivers take fewer breaks resulting in faster completion of trips. With eco-driving features, drivers tend to drive efficiently to ensure the safe delivery of goods.