Contracting and Construction

Enroutech is a popular choice amongst the top construction contractors in the Middle East. From asset tracking system to construction fleet management and fuel monitoring, we offer many services to facilitate various aspects of operations. Our clientele is composed of different scales and scopes of construction companies. We help them improve their logistics and transport operations and achieve more profitability.


Asset Tracking

During construction operations, there are many valuable assets involved ranging from raw material to machinery. With the help of real-time tracking, you can keep an eye on all the resources. Timely notifications alert the managers in case of any unauthorized activity preventing any attempt of theft. Strict monitoring ensures the misuse of the assets during construction and results in better efficiency.

Monitoring Work

During construction work, it is essential to have a mechanism that monitors the various jobs. With Enroutech fleet management system, managers can monitor construction tasks like excavation, digging, and other tasks done via machinery. Whenever the machine turns on and off, you will receive a notification for it. Managers can also create driver-based reports to monitor their performance in detail.

Delivery of Raw Material

The raw material delivery is a hectic task, and Enroutech’s construction fleet tracking system offers full facilitation in this regard. With proper vehicle management, the raw material is dispatched quickly. The route optimization allows the drivers to select the best possible routes to the site. The alarm systems and the real-time notifications ensure safe transportation.

Fuel Management

The fuel expense of the machinery is a big issue for construction firms which can be controlled via our fuel management system. With the constant monitoring of the fuel levels, you can prevent excessive consumption. The integration of fuel cards ensures transparency by removing the probability of fraud. With the eco-driving feature of our fleet management system, the drivers drive vehicles with care resulting in fuel efficiency and safety.