Manage cyber risks to
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Handle all the aspects of cyber security with excellent consultancy and managed security services

En Route Technologies cyber security services are ideally designed to help businesses run safe network and database operations. From providing shield against threats to preparing smart security strategies, everything is available under one roof. The on-demand expertise allow the companies to prepare customized security plans according to their needs. With excellent Threat Intelligence, you can identify the risks to your data networks, programs and devices. 

What we Offer?

Threat Collection:
Gathers threat data from different sources to perform smart threat intelligence

Threat Prevention:
Devising smart strategies, adopting careful practices, and create a preventive mechanism to avoid various threats

Disseminating threat advisories regularly to inform clients about the vulnerabilities top prepare them beforehand

Penetration Testing:
Conduct planned cyber-attacks on the system in anticipation of the possible threats to evaluate the security standards

Automated Data Normalization:
Automatic penetration, extraction and normalization of unstructured data helps correlate intelligence sources quickly

Advanced Search:
Capability of searching indicators according to industry and threat actors to devise the best defensive mechanism

cyber security services

24/7 Monitoring: 
Round the clock threat monitoring to timely detect and counter cyber attacks

Efficient Detection:
Timely and proficient threat detection identifying the root cause of the attack

Quick Response:
Brisk investigation and response of security breaches to neutralize them immediately

Targeted Attack Defense:
Shielding against targeted attacks on a system to prevent any damage

Industries that we Serve



Medical equipment security is a big issue in the healthcare sector. The flexible suite of features is ideal for the evolving needs of this industry. We facilitate hospital and other medical facilities to regulate cyber security standards the meet the guidelines of the safety programs.


From small-scale assignments to mega projects, we are dealing with various governments around the globe for assistance. A foolproof security mechanism allows more focus on the operations helping in achieving objectives.


We collaborate with the leading educational facilities to help them implement safe digital practices. Our consultancy helps them become compliant with privacy regulations and streamline their network and database operations.


Enroutech offers the best services for cyber security in UAE. The top financial institutions including banks, private and government organizations trust Enroutech for their cyber security needs. We help them keep their data secure and shield them from any security offences.
threat prevention


  • Reduces investigation time
  • Faster response
  • Understands critical risks
  • Efficient security analysis
  • Detection and prevention of advanced attacks
  • Organization of specific threat intelligence
  • Respond faster with ample forensic data
  • Active threat intelligence alerts