Shahin SIRA Dubai

For Regulating Transportation Operations with Safety Guaranteed

SHAHIN SIRA Dubai is a mandatory regulation introduced by Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA) which is applicable to all cargo vehicles registered in Dubai. It intends to improve the cargo fleet's movement and security that is registered in Dubai. Its main goals are to increase road safety by closely monitoring the movements of trucks and shipments throughout the city, streamline trade procedures, and enhancing security measures. This all-inclusive system employs GPS tracking devices that are attached to trucks at different ports, allowing for 24-hour monitoring from the entry point to the destination.

Aims to Enhance the Movement
and Security of Dubai Registered Cargo Fleet

SHAHIN Implementation

SHAHIN's deployment is a critical step in enhancing Dubai's transportation security. It helps stop theft, unauthorized use, and other illegal acts by enabling authorities to efficiently track and trace all trucks transporting cargo vehicles.

Vehicles covered by SHAHIN must make sure they have an authorized GPS tracker installed that satisfies the requirements set forth by SIRA. Non-compliance could lead to fines or legal repercussions.

SecurePath Premium:
The Vehicle Monitoring Platform

SecurePath Premium is a GPS tracking system approved by SIRA (Security Industry Regulatory Agency) to improve the security and surveillance of freight transportation and cargo trucks.

SecurePath Premium has sophisticated tracking features that enables real-time GPS vehicle tracking. With this technology in place, SIRA can efficiently monitor and control cargo vehicles and freight transport to guarantee both their safety and legal compliance.

The system's capability is further enhanced by the combination of SHAHIN with SecurePath Premium. It makes it possible to easily obtain information about car registration, giving important details about ownership and guaranteeing that only vehicles with permission are driven.

Following are the ways in which Shahin portal and SecurePath Premium can improve business operations are explained here.

Regularize Fleet Operations with
Shahin SIRA Dubai

Enhancing the efficacy and security of your fleet by getting compliant with SIRA Dubai powered Shahin. This initiative aims to accomplish its objectives by optimizing fleet operations, strengthening security measures, and enhancing road safety by continuous tracking of truck and shipment activities across Dubai.

Proof of Compliance of

Getting a certificate of installation for tracking devices is crucial in the heavily regulated transportation and logistics sector. Businesses can use this accreditation with confidence, knowing that they are fully authroized from the law enforcement authorities like SIRA Dubai.

How to Register a Company with SHAHIN

In order to ensure compliance with local legislation and promote road safety, operating transport vehicles in Dubai requires your company to be registered with SHAHIN. It is crucial to comprehend the procedures and prerequisites if you want to register your business in SHAHIN for cargo cars and freight transport in Dubai.

You must get the required paperwork and fulfil the requirements set forth by SHAHIN in order to start the registration procedure. You can visit the official signup page to upload all the necessary files to be approved.

Businesses involved in the transport sector in Dubai should familiarize themselves with SHAHIN standards and take the appropriate action to register on time. By doing this, they can guarantee smooth operations and contribute to safe business operations in Dubai.

Live GPS Tracking and Improved Security with SIRA approved Shahin Dubai

Discover the potential of the SIRA portal and the SHAHIN platform, a combination that is revolutionizing the way businesses track their cars and assets. Track the movements of your fleet in real-time, maximize the efficiency of your routes, and make sure your drivers are following the correct route.

SecurePath Premium's cutting-edge GPS tracking technology is a prime feature that enables companies to keep a check on their vehicle round the clock. By utilizing real-time updates and location monitoring, businesses can guarantee the security of their critical goods during their entire journey.


What is SHAHIN?

SHAHIN is a cutting-edge system established in Dubai by the Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA) to ensure transportation security in Dubai. SHAHIN's deployment is in line with Dubai's goal of improving safety of commercial transport inside the city's premises.

Is there a particular website or gateway in Dubai for registration?

"SHAHIN" is the name of the official portal that facilitates business registration in Dubai. Visit the official website at to access SHAHIN.

What is Dubai's SecurePath?

In particular, SecurePath registration is required for companies who rent cars in Dubai. Before registering with the RTA, cars must have an approved GPS device fitted from an authorized vendor to verify compliance. The purpose of its introduction is to improve car security through the use of a GPS tracking system.

Why is it that rental cars in Dubai need to be registered on Securepath?

Ensuring safety and security for both car rental businesses and visitors is made possible in Dubai by the necessary Securepath registration requirement for rental cars. The Dubai automobile rental market is expanding so quickly that it is essential to put policies in place that raise the bar for general safety.

What is the process for registering a rental automobile with the RTA in Dubai?

Car rental companies must first get a trade license from Dubai's Department of Economic Development (DED) in order to start the registration procedure. They are able to lawfully conduct business within the emirate thanks to this license. After successfully installing an authorized GPS tracking device and obtaining a valid Certificate of Installation, they can proceed with registering their vehicles with the RTA.