Fleet Management System

Fleet Management System

We make sure that we meet our customer’s needs in all industries.

We provide top fleet management system helps reduced cost, enhance vehicle utilization, maintain efficiency, and prevents accidents. A smart fleet management system that enable you to have the command over fleet visibility, productivity and effectiveness. Companies’ unique comprehensive solution provider that allow you to determine what is top of the line for your business.

Main Features

Enhance Fleet Productivity

Affluent report and visualizations allow fleets to finish more jobs in shorter period of time and lesser mileage, and for dispatch tools, traffic tracking and real-time route analytics assist operators to generate more output.

Minimize Labor & Fuel Consumption

Real-time reports and alerts and the right fuel consumption,
and for route analytics assist in identifying unnecessary mileage that will
conserve fuel and as well the labor.

Lesser Maintenance Costs

Do not overlook any services required in your fleet. Less the maintenance cost and restrain unexpected breakdown of your vehicle.

Fleet Visibility

Keep track on your fleet or vehicles anywhere on real-time tracking of location, fuel consumption and records of job service.
Validate workforce activities thru mobile, either you in the office or anywhere else.

Real-Time Reports and Analytics

Obtain secure information with dashboards that is customization in real-time reports and alerts. We aspire to have

Converts data into Revenue

Check and standardize fleet expenses, job productivity of the driver and their behavior with based on required reports and analytics provided in the system.

Environmental Friendly Driving

Keep on tract with your drivers. Prevent tickets and fines, road accidents and guard the usage of fuel to save more money.

Fuel Monitoring

Manage expense on fuel for fleet and avoid fuel thefts.

Driver Recognition

With identity verification, unauthorized used will be prevented. Drivers are secured and fleet will be protected. 

Industries we serve

Transportation & Logistics

Either an easy or wide range of fleet management system. We provide services that meets every organizations’ requirements and make sure to have given the solutions the will benefit any industries.

  • Prolong vehicles and equipment’s life
  • Know some ways to lessen the expense and develop your bottom line.
  • Avoid irrelevant inventory

Services & Delivery

  • Increase productivity by having deliveries on-time and boost customer services with the right route.
  • Our device have real-time location tracking that provides faster route.
  • Drive direction and address is well-given as well for the drivers to be guided
  • Geo-fence and required delivery records is guaranteed.
  • Departure and arrival are track.

Food & Beverage

Establish Product Integrity

Prevent shipments that being rejected and make sure that compliance are maintained especially the quality and temperature control. Avoid spoilage with set alerts for temperature changes and certain range.

Enhance the Effectiveness of Delivery

Real-Time Alerts avoid losses Perishable foods should be monitored on time, acquiring alerts through SMS or email when the desired level of temperature exceeds. Find out any human error or failure in your chillers to prevent lost and contamination.

Remove Logging of Temperature Manually

Provides absolute data and records temperature automatically to the system, centralized log is generated along with the data history of temperature that makes the analysis and compliance easier.


Customization data on our system for construction fleets that enhance the reliability of the equipment’s by avoiding any maintenance. The wide range of our fleet and the software or system will let you have the control in handling heavy equipment assets in a comprehensive way.

Simplified Equipment Maintenance

Widen the up time of the equipment and making sure the safety of the operators with inspection of electronics and scheduling of maintenance.


schedules to prevent the maintenance of all equipment


complete record of maintenance and faults


downtime of construction site

Fuel Management

Keep track on fuel usage per resource and outline every job site. Reach an effective cost control level with regards to fuel consumption and other expense.
Stop idling to prolong equipment’s life and lessen the expense cost To avoid fuel waste and traffic congestion, effective routing is needed Enhance driver behavior with standardized reward program.

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Safe keeping of all tools in construction site

Prevent losses. Maintain a central system that is virtually accessible anywhere and upkeep with operation

In one platform you can evaluate multiple job sites

Maintain precise inventory of non-powered and powered assets and tools

Hire when only needed

No need for guessing by overseeing the usage of equipment by real-time records, increase in productivity can be seen.

Avoid costly hire and rentals by reducing the utilization of equipment

Prevent conflict in scheduling equipment

Stop unnecessary rentals and remove equipment hoarding


Budgeting is the main concern of most government. They usually focus on utilization and fleet size. Top standards are also needed to meet every requirements for greenhouse emissions and environmental friendly fleet. Our GPS tracking system provides a powerful solutions that meets our client needs.

  • Operates in lower costs
  • Fleet size optimization
  • Vehicle theft detector
  • Maximize greenhouse emissions
  • Acquire goals for fleet management

Monitoring of Power

  • Enhance Visibility. Increase efficiency. Minimize consumption.
  • Increase drive efficiency with captured data
  • Identify Demands that is costly
  • Perfect for Equipment and remote sites
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