A one-stop solution for real-time monitoring of all types of vehicles

An innovative end-to-end fleet management software that is tailor-made to meet to facilitate daily operations. It offers the ideal combination of automation and efficiency that boosts the productivity of a business. We help companies in optimizing vehicle utilization, ensuring safety, and reducing costs. With real-time monitoring of the daily activities, you can anticipate better and take smart decisions.


Features of our Fleet Management System

Real-time Monitoring

Real-time Monitoring

You have access to everything on your screen, from live location tracking to viewing the real-time activity and motion status.
Data Insights

Data Insights

With the help of a smart analytical dashboard and customized reports, you can get useful data insights helping in strategizing smartly.
Trip Details

Trip Details

You can view the complete trip history of every vehicle, including the total number of trips, duration, starting/ending time and location, etc.
Record Keeping

Record Keeping

Dlogs and reports contain valuable data about operations. You can retrieve it anytime according to your requirement.
Report Scheduling

Report Scheduling

Create customized reports and schedule them to receive them anytime in the future according to your requirement.
Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

You can monitor the vehicles remotely using a live-tracking mobile app and a remote monitoring app.


Safety features like Driver Identification, Real-Time Alarm System, Eco-driving, Geo-fencing, and Remote Custom Commands ensure the protection of vehicles and drivers.
Sensor Integration

Sensor Integration

Add customized sensors to verify individuals, check vehicles’ statuses, monitor values of different parameters, etc.


Set notifications for different events according to your need and receive real-time notifications for them through multiple mediums.


Enroutech offers all the features of advanced fleet maintenance software by compiling maintenance needs and setting reminders for them.

Industries we Serve

Transportation and Logistics

Enroutech fleet management software is  ideally designed to keep the operational needs of logistics and transportation businesses in mind. Regardless of the scope, we facilitate hassle-free working to yield better productivity. 

  • Manage vehicle acquisition and dispatch
  • Monitor the daily trips
  • Maintain a sustainable fleet
  • Reduce costs and enhance return on investment (ROI)
software using in fleet

Delivery Service

The delivery service businesses are also ranked amongst the leading beneficiaries of Enroutech fleet management system. It has helped them to enhance operational automation and achieve their business objectives.

    • Early acquisition and dispatch resulting in better productivity 
    • Realtime monitoring of drivers to ensure timely deliveries
    • Route optimization enables faster deliveries
    • Geofence prevents unauthorized traveling

Food & Beverage

The Food & Beverage industry also utilizes Enroutech’s cutting-edge tracking software. It covers all the operational aspects of the business, offering a one-stop solution.

Establish Product Integrity

Prevent spoilage of the food items by setting alerts for temperatures and other parameters. By ensuring the quality of the products and service, you can establish a positive brand image to meet customer expectations.

Ensure Efficient Delivery

By monitoring the condition of the perishable goods, you can always select fresh items for delivery. You can receive alerts when the standard temperature value exceeds. It also helps in identifying human error or malfunctioning of chillers.

Automatic Temperature Logging

Enroutech fleet management system saves you from setting the temperature manually. The absolute temperature data is stored automatically in the system. With a centralized log, you can view the temperature’s historical data helping in fruitful analysis.


With the help of an efficient fleet management system, construction companies can monitor their machinery. The excellent customization options ensure the maximum utilization of the equipment.

Effective Maintenance

Schedule the service and repair needs of the equipment to cater to them on time. Receive notifications as reminders to inform you about the required maintenance requirements. Timely maintenance ensures operators’ safety and longevity of the machinery.


Monitor the fuel usage per resource, check the idling time of the drivers and identify leakage by applying sensors. With the help of optimized routes, you can cover required distances in lesser time, helping in reducing fuel expense.

of Tools

Keep all your tools safe despite the hectic work routine at the construction site. Maintain a central system that is virtually accessible from any remote location to manage multiple job sites. Compile an accurate inventory of powered and non-powered assets.

Hire Equipment Smartly

Do not invest blindly in hiring construction equipment. Utilize the available resources to the max by maintaining a real-time record of their work. You can avoid conflict in schedules and streamline machinery acquisition.


Keep a complete record of all the operations of the construction site in a centralized location. Any concerned person can access the required data for retrieval, ensuring a hassle-free running of operations.


With a mechanism that connects all the operational aspects of a construction site, more can be done in less time. The automation in processes prevents hassle, and the tasks are conducted smoothly.


Due to the broad scope of our fleet tracking software, it is effective for government-level projects. From meeting the compliance needs to enhance the project’s profitability, we offer everything under one roof. 

  • Enhance visibility, increase efficiency, minimize consumption
  • Lower operational costs
  • Fleet size optimization
  • Vehicle theft detection
  • Controlling greenhouse emissions
  • Achieving fleet objectives
  • Better management of equipment on remote sites
  • Create reports to analyze performance