Food and Beverages

The foods and beverages industry is also one of the beneficiaries of Enroutech’s diverse set of services. Our asset tracking and CCTV system are ideal for monitoring the storage of different types of food. We offer a food delivery tracking system that monitors the transportation process to ensure the timely and safe distribution of items.



Maintaining Ideal Environment

Maintaining Ideal Environment

The storage of food items requires special care as they can go bad pretty quickly. To offer a solution to this issue, Enroutech provides you an asset tracking system that helps you store different substances effectively. There is the availability of many sensors like weight, temperature, humidity, etc., enabling an ideal environment for storing various food items. You can set a perfect temperature and humidity range and receive notifications whenever the value goes out.
Ensuring Safety

Ensuring Safety

Enroutech’s CCTV system offers real-time monitoring of the food items to ensure foolproof safety. The asset tracking system allows you to monitor the quantity through measurement sensors. You can also set up alarms for any attempt to move the food items.
Efficient Reporting

Efficient Reporting

You can create customized reports for getting valuable insights for effective storage. There is an option to generate sensor reports providing complete information about the trends followed during a specified period. You can monitor the temperature and humidity at various instants and take the necessary steps to ensure an ideal environment.


Mobile Storage and Tracking

With sensor integration and notifications, you can ensure the ideal storage environment during the transportation of goods. You can also track every individual food package during transportation with our asset tracking system.

Fuel Management

Enroutech's fuel management system helps carry out profitable transportation operations by ensuring fuel efficiency. Usage of fuel cards provides transparency, whereas real-time fuel monitoring and notifications prevent leakage. The eco-driving and reporting feature enables lesser fuel consumption.

Fast Delivery

The fast delivery of the food and beverages is necessary to ensure their freshness, and our GPS tracking system helps ensure that. The features like route optimization, geofencing, real-time location, and status tracking enable food delivery fleet to complete trips quickly.