Track anything with efficiency and convenience

Automate your asset management, create accurate reports, conduct faster auditing, ensure security and achieve better management

Optimized Asset Management Software

Manage the inventory data better with a streamlined mechanism for check-in and check-out. Enroutech asset management software is flexible and can be adjusted according to your business needs. With wide-ranging configuration options, you can monitor your assets 24/7 at your convenience.  You can save a lot of resources and time, providing you with an excellent return on investment (ROI). From being the best fixed asset tracking software to top-notch remote monitoring, Enroutech is everything that you need.



Get rid of the logging information manually when you can capture all the data through barcode. The interface is user-friendly and easier to navigate, allowing you to get to the required information quickly. The adaptability of the software facilitates the users to conducts tasks smoothly.

Efficient Reporting

With a wide variety of templates, you can create customized reports according to your requirement. The valuable data insights help you analyze the shortcomings in the operational mechanism resulting in better efficiency. Get guidance from accurate reports to strategize smartly for the future.

Remote Tracking

Access your account from your mobile phone to get the latest updates about your goods. You can scan barcodes from your mobile phone and fetch the required information at will. With the help of notifications, you remain aware from a remote location. For mobile assets, you can receive alerts about their latest location.

Multi-user Access

The broad scope of the Enroutech asset management software allows multiple users to access asset-related data at a time. A hierarchy is followed where different users have varying roles and privileges. The centralized software can be accessed by different users helping automate the operations.

Sensor Integration

By attaching sensors, you can monitor the real-time quantity of the assets that have fluctuating amounts like fuel, chemicals, etc. The latest reading of the quantity can be seen on the monitoring screen. Any sudden decline in the value can trigger alerts informing you about an emergency.

Foolproof Security

24/7 surveillance allows you to keep an eye on your goods and detect any suspicious activity. Notifications can be set to inform you about any unauthorized access to the storage room or theft attempt. Accurate recordkeeping helps you to track any missing items in the inventory.

What Makes us Stand out?

  • Round the clock monitoring
  • Mobile Tracking
  • Centralized system for multiple functions
  • Efficient database management
  • Excellent Anti-theft features
  • Event-based notifications
  • Great return on investment (ROI)