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Regulated by Security Industries Regulatory Agency (SIRA), SecurePath Premium a certified and approved service which is used in Dubai vehicles that are registered under the business category of rental vehicles.

It ensures minimal data transmission that ensures vehicles are simultaneously and continuously monitored by their GPS software which is being used for rental vehicles as well as other transportation companies in Dubai.

En Route Technologies LLC is an authorized and registered vendor for SecurePath Software for providing services to the clients.  We make sure that our client’s vehicles are fully in line with government regulations and policies.

Use SecurePath for all our security solutions to ensure that our client’s data should not be disclosed to any third-party as we believe that customer trust is the main thing that we have as a company.

We offer solutions with quality support, ensuring smooth operation for the Customer.

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SecurePath Premium
Shahin Sira Dubai Approved GPS Tracking Software

The Department of Protective Systems in Dubai launched the Secure-path to improve safety in the car leasing and rental business. It is a web-based, real-time fleet management software and GPS tracking software for real-time tracking and monitoring automobiles.

Secure-path can be applied to a variety of vehicle types, including diesel transport, cash-in-transit vehicles, and rental cars. This GPS software is available to any vehicles used by transportation or rental companies.

It gives businesses the ability to track their vehicles at all times, adding an additional degree of protection and peace of mind.

What SecurePath Premium Offers?

Improved Security and Real-time Tracking

The main feature of SecurePath Premium is its highly efficient GPS tracking technology. With accurate real-time updates and location monitoring, fleet businesses can ensure the safety of their vehicles during daily trips.

Compliance with Regulations

As the transportation and logistics industry is highly regulated, it is essential to obtain a certificate of installation for GPS trackers. It provides businesses with peace of mind as they are confident that they are using an authorized and reliable solution.

Centralized Platform

SecurePath Premium works as a centralized fleet management software to the businesses for managing their daily fleet operations. From checking the whereabouts of the vehicles to getting real-time alerts on various activities, fleet managers can get everything in one place.

How can businesses use Securepath Premium to register their Vehicles?

Businesses may easily and conveniently register their vehicles with SecurePath Premium. To ensure that businesses can register their vehicles with the RTA, En Route Technologies provides a simplified approach for registering the business via the SecurePath Premium platform.

For the process of registraton, you need a copy of your trade licence, traffic code, and some basic information about your business to get started. Then you have to create your account and upload the document to the SecurePath Premium platform submit your registration.

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Application of Secure Path Premium Shahin SIRA Dubai

An important initial step in enhancing the security of Dubai's transport network is the implementation of SHAHIN SIRA via SecurePath Premium. It helps to avoid theft, unauthorized usage, and other illegal behavior to track and monitor each truck used to transfer cargo cars. This is made possible by giving authorities the ability to track and trace each truck through a centralized GPS tracking system.

It is essential to verify that the GPS tracker installed in a vehicle approved by SHAHIN Dubai complies with SIRA guidelines and has been given permission. There might be legal consequences in case of non-compliance to these requirements.

Which Vehicles come under Shain SIRA SecurePath Premium?

Following is the list of vehicles that need to be registered with SecurePath Premium.

Diesel Transport
Mobile Workshop
Explosive & Fireworks
Flammable Liquids
Hazardous Material
Radioactive Material
Gas Trading
Desert Safari
Chemical Materials
Petroleum Transport
Pilling Contractors
Hazardous – Cargo
Non-Hazardous – Cargo
Cash in Transit Vehicles
Personal Vehicles
Environmental Waste

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Dubai’s SecurePath Premium Certification

After the authorized GPS tracker is installed, a certificate of installation is given, attesting to the fact that the device has been expertly configured by trained specialists who follow strict guidelines. Customers are reassured by it that their tracking system is accurate, dependable, and safe.

The business owners’ submission of the necessary paperwork and the authorized vendors’ correct installation of GPS trackers are two of the main prerequisites for certification. The licensed vendors are also needed to produce a certificate of installation to confirm compliance.

It’s best to use GPS tracking solution providers who have been approved by SIRA and have earned the SecurePath Premium Certification. This guarantees that you are working with experts who have fulfilled the strict requirements set by Shahin SIRA Dubai and are able to offer trustworthy and safe GPS tracking software tailored to your particular requirements.