Fuel Management System

Fuel Management System

Private Refueling Solution for Commercial Fuel sites & Vehicles Fleet. Secure your fuel site 24/7 with fleet guard. All Pumping Units available with API, ATEX and CE Certificates.

  • Any company that uses Fleet guard feels comfortable
  • Fuel stations which are privately owned operates around the clock on a secure and controlled mode.
  • Fuel transaction is simple process and is executed by the driver himself
  • Just authorized vehicles can receive fuel and no one else have this facility
  • Fuel is issued directly into reservoir of vehicle and nowhere else
  • Each vehicle refueling is measured with highest accuracy and is registered electronically
  • System monitors and prevents product incorrect filling so that for example there is no possibility for driver to refuel with diesel instead of gasoline
  • Complete fuel fleet record is kept under by vehicle, driver, etc replacing paperwork
  • There is instant notification from deviations from nominal fuel consumption rates
  • Fuel balance and reconciliation is managed every day in reliable way

Software Solutions

Fleet Guard


  • Station dispenser control Unit ACCU FUEL or FLEXI FUEL or TRUCK FUEL.
  • Magneto-strictive Probes in the tank compartments.
  • Back office software for fleet of vehicles fuel management.
  • Automatic vehicles recognition, AUTOTAG or TACHOTAG.

Fleet Guard Software for Private fleet Fuel Management System

  • Data Communication between Back office and fuel station is accomplished via Internet.
  • Via Fleet Guard User will have full control over the fleet of vehicles, create new vehicle card, driver, configure fueling.
  • parameters (consumption, max allowed dispensed quantity per time interval, or vehicle type, or driver, on each of fuel type).
  • User can timely generate reports per vehicle, group of vehicles, drivers, fuel type, on excel format.

Vehicle Fuel Authorization System

      • RFID Tag is fixed the vehicle tank inlet.
      • Dispenser Nozzle is equipped with transponder, which can Read the ID of that tag, push it via Radio Frequency to the ACCU FUEL terminal.
      • Terminal Run checklist of authorization sequence and accordingly operate the dispenser according to the predefined permissions associated with the tag.
      • At event of authorization pass, fuel will keep dispensing as long as the nozzle position not changed, once nozzle removed from the vehicle tank, flow will automatically shut.
      • Tag is none-reusable, hence once removed from the tank inlet it will be damaged and can’t be used again any more.
      • Terminal can be configured to ask the driver/operator to enter the odometer or authorization PIN before dispensing the fuel.

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More or less, operations similar to AUTOTAG functions, plus automatic tachometer reading

    • Electronic device installed on the vehicle, locally connected to tachograph of the vehicle.
    • Other port of this unit can be connected to docking unit to read Driver ID.
    • At event on refueling, odometer or operation hours will be pushed to the ACCU FUEL receiver.


It is designed for installation on the dispenser island, Multi-function platform of control,

  • Control up four dispenser nozzles (extended up to 8 per unit) via communication protocol IFSF for electronic or pulse interface for mechanical dispenser.
  • Authorization is provided by the proximity reader (by cards) or/and by the radio frequency (433 MHz) receiver (for Nozzle transmitter or tachograph).
  • Color screen 320X240 pixel, 16 Keypad.
  • Function menu in English, Greek, and other language on demand
  • Receipt serial printer (optional).
  • ATG kit can connect to station tanks gauging probes (optional).
  • Dimension (mm) 1600 X 370X 280, 36 Kg, basement 430 X 340
  • Electric supply 230 VAC 0.2A


Designed for wall-mount installation, it combines all basic station control function into one compact

  • Dimensions (mm) 470X300X300, 10 Kg
  • Electric supply 230 V AC, 0.2 A

Building or Renovating an Internal (Industrial) Refueling Site

When building an Internal (Industrial) Site for your Fleet of Vehicles like Transportation Companies, Quarries, Industrial Companies, Construction Companies etc. you have will have immediate measurable benefits.

Our Fleet Management Systems enable you to have

  • Reducing fuel costs, since you purchase fuel directly from Petroleum Companies and not from the Retain Network.
  • New, modern equipment on-site.
  • Quality of fuel is better, resulting in lower maintenance costs for your vehicles.
  • Constant monitoring of fuel consumption and reporting per vehicle / group of vehicles.
  • Less administrative costs, since you do not have multiple refueling invoices per vehicle to check and register.
  • Control on fuel quantities received and constant stock monitoring.
  • Fully automated refilling process for all drivers / vehicles. Since pump is electronically
  • controlled (locked) and authorized only by card / tag / ring so no site attendant needed.
  • User-friendly Back office Managerial Software that can be further connected to Accounting Software or ERP Systems.
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