Automate your fuel monitoring to get better efficiency

You can check the fuel level, prepare consumption reports, prevent theft, ensure transparency and save costs, all in one place.

End-to end Fuel Management System

Enroutech’s automated fuel management system is a custom-built solution for the needs of commercial fleet and fuel sites. From gauging the fuel levels and keeping transactional data to detecting leakage and theft, everything is available. With excellent monitoring, fleet businesses can enhance their fuel efficiency and reduce expenses to gain better profitability.


Monitor Quantity

You can monitor the fuel levels in real-time and identify the reasons for excessive usage of your fleet. With the help of smart sensors, you can detect, filling, leaks and drainage. By setting notifications, you can get real-time alerts for sudden drop in the quantity. With an insightful dashboard, you can monitor the levels on your screen 24/7 and take informed decisions based on the real-time data.

Strategize Smartly

With the help of valuable metrics, you can analyze the consumption and cost trends. The insightful reports help you identify the loopholes in your operations. You can check the discrepancies and the factors responsible for it. With access to all the required information, you can strategize accordingly and take smart data-driven decisions.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

The carbon emissions are controlled to a great extent by enhancing the fuel efficiency of a fleet. You can keep the idling time of the drivers in check preventing excessive usage. By setting eco-driving parameters, you can ensure that there is better fuel efficiency. You can compile detailed reports to gauge the consumption based on different time durations.

Prevent Fuel Theft and Leakage

Monitor the fuel levels round the clock and detect any unusual drop immediately through Enroutech fuel management system. You can also receive notifications for sudden deviation in the quantity. With better visibility and smart alert mechanism, you can counter the emergency situations better. During the filling, the driver and vehicle authorization removes any chance of fraud.

Control Costs

Eliminate the conventional methods of calculating your costs and adopt automation. With the help of fuel cards, the transaction data is automatically shared on the fuel management software. By streamlining the management of transactional data, you can save time and ensure transparency. Prepare detailed reports to analyze the expenses and strategize accordingly.

Monitor Driving Efficiency

With accurate fuel consumption data, you can gauge the performance of your drivers during daily trips. Inefficient driving will result in more consumption of fuel which can be monitored through custom trip-based fuel reports. You can hold the drivers accountable for consuming excessive fuel by showing factual data ensuring transparency.

  Benefits of Our Service:

  • Better visibility of the fuel levels
  • Strict check on the consumption
  • Reduction of costs
  • Control environmental impact
  • Prevention of theft and fraud
  • Immediate identification of leakage/drainage