Different scales of restaurant businesses in UAE avail services of Enroute technologies to get efficiency and profitability. We assist in different steps of the restaurant’s operational lifecycle. From security to the restaurant’s food delivery, our services encompass everything. With the help of our solutions, you can optimize processes and get better productivity.



Security is one of the biggest concerns for a restaurant business, and Enroutech offers many services to ensure that. Our CCTV service is ideally designed to provide round-the-clock surveillance to prevent any unfortunate incident. You can activate alarm sensors for the food items in the storage to get real-time alerts whenever someone moves them.

By applying different sensors like weight, you can monitor the quantity of the food items ensuring foolproof security. Our access control system can help the restaurant management control the entry of individuals in various restaurant units like the kitchen, storage, etc.

Food Storage

Storage is an important department in the restaurant business as food items are supplied on a daily basis. Enroutech’s asset tracking system helps keep track of the food items. You can apply a weight sensor to check the quantity in real-time. Temperature and humidity sensors can be used to ensure ideal environmental conditions for the storage of different food types. Our CCTV surveillance service allows you to monitor the storage room 24/7.

Food Delivery

From the supply of raw food items to order delivery, the Enroutech GPS tracking system offers supports in every step. With live tracking, you can get the latest location updates enabling you to organize the other related tasks accordingly. The route optimization feature allows the drivers to reach their destination quickly. With faster delivery, the productivity of the restaurant fleet operations improve, resulting in better profitability for the business. With the remote monitoring option, managers can monitor all the deliveries on the go.