Save and Protect your fleet with the use of Geo-fencing

Save up & protect your fleet with the use of Geo-fencing in order to contact your driver or employees to know where exactly they are.

Tracking deliveries, shipments, goods, and the likes are taking time when you try to know your driver’s location. If it’s delivered on time. Or the goods are all in good condition.

Here’s how Geo-fencing will help you:

You can set up the parameter or diameter or the limit to where your driver can only go. Once the driver goes more than to what is scheduled or outside the given area, the person-in-charge will get an alert or automatic notification.

Vehicle Theft Prevention

Same with the alert provided when a certain diameter was passed by a driver. Geo-fencing provides vehicle theft prevention where you will get notified automatically when someone is trying to drive the vehicle other than the registered person.

Track Keeping :

Another benefit of drawing a geographical virtual boundary is that you can track vehicle movement effectively. Whenever the vehicle enters or leaves the geofence, you can track route taken with respect to it.

Clear Time Frame & Right Wages : 

To prevent late deliveries or shipments, Geo-fencing lets you know once your driver leaves the premises and reach its destination.

This will help you see how you’re responsible for your driver is. Less spending, time-saving and easier tracking of your driver’s whereabouts.

Intelligence all throughout Geo-fencing :

A performance indicator is important. And having the attention to every detail is a tough work that is why it is a good thing to have your Geo-fencing to get the most of every day.

When there is a sudden delivery, shipment or unplanned pick-up and drop off, managers will be able to know who is near in the area or the fleet that is currently on idle mode. This will utilize the workforce as engagement is continuous and precise.