Car Idling: Causes, Effects, and Prevention

Car idling for more than 10 to 12 minutes a day, estimate in a year it will cost you around 25 to 30 gallons of fuel wasted. How great it would be if fuel is conserved rather than wasting it through idling?

But no more fuel wasted now as En Route Technologies L.L.C intended to provide the best solution through its Fleet Management System. This will keep you updated with the driver’s behavior, whether the car is moving or idling and if the driver is over speeding, harsh driving and other factors which may come into play.

How does idling affect your car?

Apart from fuel is being wasted, there are other negative effects that car idling does:

  • Engine idling wastes fuel and therefore money.
  • idling of car leaves fuel residue, damaging engine components and increase fuel consumption.
  • Engine idling gives hazardous pollutions that may cause sickness and other diseases.
  • Engine idling releases carbon dioxide (CO2) that is one of the source of global warming.

Why our Fleet Management System?

By having our fleet management system, such negative effects will be prevented as we provide the following features mainly to:

    • Improve Fleet Productivity
    • Reduce Labor and Fuel Cost (Fuel Monitoring)
    • Lower Maintenance Cost
    • Eco Driving
    • Live Tracking
    • Route Planning
    • Geofence

Furthermore we also provide real-time alerts and reports to keep you updated with your fleet’s performance.