How Fleet Management Vehicle Tracking Software Improves Productivity

You often heard about fleet management vehicle tracking software and got the assumption that its main purpose is to track your fleet and keep a check on your vehicles and drivers.

If it is like that you are wrong. In recent years, the telematics industry has evolved tremendously.

Fleet Management Vehicle Tracking :

Today, more and more companies are using the many benefits of implementing fleet management vehicle tracking, mainly known as the fleet management software.

Discover the five major ways your fleet can benefit from this fleet management vehicle tracking software.

Monitors driver behavior and safety :

Now Fleet managers are shifting their focus from vehicles to drivers as to how drivers perform behind the wheel so you can manage your operation long term and pay your dividends accordingly.

For Example enforcing safe driving habits reduce risks and accident rates and some insurance providers offer incentives as well.

Manage your fuel more efficiently :

Traveling over the speed limit by just 5 mph can increase fuel consumption by nearly 10% according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

A fuel management software is a great way to make sure that your drivers aren’t getting that 10% increase in fuel consumption.

Its Fuel modules collectively focus on key metrics like fuel trends, ways for fuel reduction, and unauthorized fuel card usage. You can also receive alerts about excessive fuel purchases.

Because manually monitoring fuel isn’t the only way to save money but by implementing a fleet management solution, you can also access real-time reports that monitor the speed, acceleration, fuel consumption, etc.

Extends the life of your fleet :

It will reduce your fleet maintenance and repairs and save a lot of your dividends by ensuring your vehicles operate at peak performance.

Fleet management software’s maintenance module makes it easy to monitor oil changes, inspections, diagnostic alerts, maintenance workflows, registrations, and other routine maintenance.

Automatic alerts will be sent to you via email or text message and it helps in extending the life of your fleet especially for small fleets.

Customized API integrations :

Some fleet management software companies out there that offer business intelligence features. They have a fully customizable API module that can be added to third-party software, as well as other enterprise business solutions, in real-time.

APIs allow different programs, or parts of the same software program, to collaborate.

A customized API integration will allow the software you currently have (whether that’s email marketing software, CRM software, or point-of-sale software) to talk to the new program.

All those separate software programs share information through API.

So instead of multiple software’s, you’ll have on software solution where you can combine and compare that data.

Total fleet compliance easy :

The majority of fleet management solutions provide key features like automation, monitor, and manage your compliance needs.

To be compliant with the Government transport department, your electronic logging device should be certified and registered by the Authorized government department.

Fleet management software makes fleet compliance easier than ever. Whenever you search for a fleet management vendor make sure to ask for fleet compliance features they have because some vendors provide compliance features that track when the driver is behind the wheel.