What is Shahin SIRA Dubai and how it works?

What is Shahin SIRA Dubai and how it works?

The Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA) in Dubai enforced the mandatory SHAHIN Sira Dubai legislation that applies to all goods vehicles registered in Dubai. Its goal is to improve the goods fleet’s mobility and security that is registered in Dubai. Its main goals are to increase road safety, speed up trade procedures, and enhance security by closely monitoring vehicle and cargo movements throughout the city. Using GPS tracking devices installed on trucks at different ports, this all-inclusive system allows for 24-hour monitoring from the port of entry to the destination.

Application of the Shahin SIRA Dubai:

SHAHIN’s implementation is a critical first step in enhancing the security of Dubai’s transport infrastructure. It helps to effectively monitor and trace every truck that transports cargo cars helps deter theft, unauthorized use, and other illegal acts. This is made possible by enabling authorities to track and trace every truck.

Vehicles under SHAHIN Dubai coverage must make sure the GPS tracker fitted within complies with SIRA guidelines and is approved. Failure to comply may result in fines or legal repercussions.

SecurePath Premium: Vehicle Tracking System Dubai

The Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA) has certified the GPS tracking system SecurePath Premium to improve the security and surveillance of cargo vehicles and freight transit,

The sophisticated tracking features of SecurePath Premium enable real-time GPS vehicle monitoring. With this technology in place, SIRA can efficiently monitor and control the movement of goods and goods vehicles to guarantee both safety and adherence to the law.

Together, SecurePath Premium and SHAHIN increase the system’s functionality. It makes obtaining registration information simple, gives important ownership details, and guarantees that only vehicles with authorization are driven.

The following outlines how SecurePath Premium and the Shahin portal can improve business operations.

  • Modern GPS tracking technology and increased security:

SecurePath Premium’s main selling point is its cutting-edge GPS tracking system. Businesses can use location tracking and real-time updates to guarantee the safety of their essential goods during the whole journey.

  • Proof of Adherence to the Regulations:

Getting a certificate of installation for tracking devices is crucial in the heavily regulated transportation and logistics sector. Businesses can utilize this accreditation with confidence since they are utilizing a reliable and authorized solution.

How to Register for a SHAHIN SIRA Dubai Account?

To operate transport vehicles in Dubai, enforce local laws, and advance road safety, your company needs to be registered with SHAHIN Dubai. You need to be aware of the requirements and procedures if you want to register your business in SHAHIN for freight cars and freight transport in Dubai.

You must obtain the required paperwork and fulfil the requirements set forth by SHAHIN in order to start the registration process. Visit https://shahin.securepath.ae/ and upload all necessary files to have your files accepted.

Businesses engaged in the transport sector in Dubai should familiarize themselves with SHAHIN standards and take the required actions to promptly register. By doing this, they can guarantee smooth operations and advance safety.