How GPS Tracking Can Help in Transportation

In addition to vehicles live track & Trace, other aspects of the trip are vital are tracked as well.

The overall route covered, time taken, distance, fuel consumption, shifts of the drivers and driver behavior.

Reduce Fuel expenses

  • Know where every drop of fuel is spent
  • Monitor fuel consumption and identify engine idling time that drains the fuel unnecessarily and waste money
  • Cut on fuel expenditure by using the most efficient routes
  • Monitor your drivers’ driving habits and their choice of routes so you can work out better routes that will make the most of their fuel and save money
  • Monitor and improve aggressive driving, thereby cutting down on fuel wastage as well
  • Put a stop to unauthorized use and fuel theft that leads to fuel waste
  • Keep track of fuel used in real-time with fuel level sensor
  • Empower your fuel economy and drive your fleet to success

Reduce Engine Idling

  • Running a vehicle’s engine while the vehicle is not in motion refers as idling
  • A vehicle will be in actual idling when the vehicle ignition is on and there is no power take-off usage identified through engine data
  • Remember idling gives you 0 kilometer per liter
  • Idling increases maintenance cost and shortens the life of an engine
  • An hour of idling can waste a gallon of fuel. When you multiply that to the number of vehicles your cost adds up quickly
  • Once the ignition is on it can calculate the vehicle movement Start time till the vehicle movement End time
  • Identify which drivers are idling and even drill down to exactly where the idling is happening
  • Receive a notification when any vehicle in your fleet idles over a period time you choose


  • Geo-fencing is a virtual barrier made possible by GPS tracking, e.g. for Industrial areas, Borders and Restricted areas
  • Get an automatic notification when a vehicle departs from its assigned boundary
  • Monitor the time spent within the geo-fenced boundaries to determine if drivers are giving attention to the right jobs
  • Geo-fencing is a practical tool allowing you to identify inefficient trends and find remedies before it is too late
  • Geo-fence alert and En Route telematics tracking helps prevent against vehicle theft
  • Geo-fencing can also provide you with information about whether your drivers are engaging in unauthorized use of the vehicle
  • For scheduled trips, you can put geo-fence around those areas, and enable alerts if your driver goes elsewhere

Improve Driving Safety

  • Safe driving not only helps fuel economy, but it also has a dramatic impact on it
  • Monitor the driving style of your drivers and detect dangerous driving habits such as harsh braking, speeding, and rapid acceleration
  • You can monitor your driver’s behavior and ensure that they are driving safely in all weather conditions
  • Instant Identification of violations before they happen by having the visibility to monitor your drivers and vehicles to ensure compliance with external regulations and internal company policies
  • We also offer a comprehensive system that ranks your drivers based on their performance

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