How En Route Technologies Fleet Managements System Prevents Vehicle Theft?

Vehicle theft is one of the biggest threats for a fleet business. Modern fleets require a mechanism that offers foolproof security and minimizes the chances of any mishap. En Route Technologies is a comprehensive end-to-end fleet management system designed to meet the changing demands of the commercial fleets. It comes with innovative security features to prevent. Let’s examine a few of these in this blog post.

Enroutech Fleet Management System Safety Features:

Considering every facet of fleet operation, Enroutech was created. Similar to other elements, it highlights safety by introducing a number of features, some of which are as follows:

Driver Identity.

 To make sure the person operating the vehicle is the authorized driver, the driver identity is necessary. You can watch what happens in your car with Enroutech without having to enter your driver’s license.

Driver identity is typically required prior to travel in commercial vehicle operations. You can react to such a circumstance right away if   you notice the vehicle’s moving condition without the driver’s identification. In order to receive messages anytime the car starts moving or the ignition is turned on, you may also establish alerts for movement and ignition.


 Enroutech GPS tracking system has great eco-driving capability provided it is supported by GPS tracking device as well.  You can also keep an eye on every area of driving to guarantee lower dangers and better fuel efficiency. You can also penalize drivers who violate the restrictions on eco-driving. The following are some of the variables that eco-driving can be applied to:

1. Acceleration:
Based on your needs for receiving notifications, you can establish a threshold acceleration value. You will be alerted each time the driver goes over the limit. Depending on how serious the violation was, the drivers could be penalized.

2. Brakes: The gravitational force (G) can be used to determine the braking threshold values. A penalty will be applied if the driver hits the brakes more forcefully than the threshold amount.

3. Bumps: Road bumps can be crossed at a threshold value that you can set. Every time the driver hits a bump harder, a message will sound and a penalty will be applied.

4. Speed: You have the option to select a speed threshold, and when it is exceeded, you will receive a warning alerting you to the infraction. Depending on how serious the infraction was, a penalty would also be applied.

  1. Turn: You have the option to establish a threshold for how many turns you take, and you will be notified if there is a breach. For the breach, the driver will be subject to a violation.

    6. Idling: Prolonged idling might use an excessive amount of fuel. Enroutech lets you specify a threshold value for idle time in order to combat it. In addition to being informed when the infraction occurs, you will also be subject to a penalty.

    Security Alerts: It would be ideal for a manager to be fully informed of a vehicle’s activities in real time. You may add events for various activities and get notifications for them using the advanced options.

  • Ignition: You will receive a notification as soon as the car’s ignition turns on. As a result, each time someone turns on the ignition to verify authority, you will be alerted.
  • Panic Button: In the En Route Technologies fleet management system, the panic button serves as a substitute for the SOS button. In the event of an emergency, you can press it to receive a notification. It enables you to respond quickly in an emergency.
  • Car Alarm: If you create an event for a car alarm, you’ll be notified when the alarm goes off. It will enable you to swiftly stop any illegal activity without suffering a large loss.
  • Door: If you set up a door event, you’ll be alerted each time the car door opens. You can keep an eye on who gets into the automobile and who doesn’t.
  • Unit Status: You can receive notifications for connection loss, connection restoration, and unknown status by configuring the ‘Unit Status’ event. You can use it to verify the rationale behind the status change of the unit. Furthermore, you are able to promptly detect any questionable conduct and take swift action to stop it.
  • Geofence: You can designate a zone for rigorous surveillance using the Enroutech GPS tracking system’s geofence module. You receive a notification via email, online popup, or smartphone notification when the vehicle enters or exits the geofence. As a result, it enables you to guarantee a prompt reaction and promptly identify any suspicious activity within the geofence.

    Reports: The Enroutech’s fleet solution allows you to generate driver-based reports. You get a comprehensive picture of the driver’s actions during the journey. You can determine the risk variables and inform the drivers of them to ensure future safety by examining the driver-based reports.


Track History: Another great tool that lets you keep an eye out for any questionable activities is the track history. You can choose the date and time to view a customized track history. You can question drivers about any deviations from the approved path. It enables you to reduce the likelihood of theft or any other unfavorable circumstance.

To provide a safe environment for conducting business, the Enroutech fleet tracking software addresses every aspect of fleet safety. Because of all the cutting-edge safety measures already discussed, businesses can operate more profitably and without difficulty.