Geofencing – Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management

Geofencing is an advance technology. As for vehicle tracking and fleet management, every employer or company has different requirements. From real-time tracking, Alerts or notifications until Daily, weekly reports and analytics.

Wondering how to track your drivers easily?

Planning to save up but having trouble in managing your employees’ rates?

Geofencing Vehicle Tracking

Geo-location provides parameters in a certain range or distance. Starting from the base to its destination and anywhere it should be. It prevents the driver to go somewhere unnecessary and increase productivity.

With the use of Geofencing, company will know the exact location of each fleet because of real-time tracking that allows the employer to check whether delivery or shipment is done or if other things that may be required from to time. It will show the available or idling fleet.

Day-to-day tasks easily managed through Geofencing 

Instead of messaging your sales or drivers one by one, Geofencing makes it easy for you.

Because of its automatic sending of alerts, when a job card is done or the driver is taking a different route –notification will pop either on either mobile or desktop or any device where you have installed the system or application.

Recovery and checking of history are also available in Geofencing features.

As time management has a prime impact in every work and situation, this application will help every employer in maximizing their time by determining easily whether the driver is doing a great job or no.

Privacy Issue

The Employer is installing this GPS Tracking device as a mandate of the government either here in the United Arab Emirates or other countries for the safety of company assets. Effective as it is. Few drivers are not into this kind of application as they consider it as disruption of their privacy knowing that the GPS is tracking 24/7 hours daily.

Though other employers are considering their driver’s demand they still think that it is better to have it for the safety of their employees as well.

There is a recognition in the application to monitor if someone tries to use the vehicle or the right person-in-charge is the one driving the car. Within a certain radius, an employer can locate their drivers and help them as soon as possible — if needed.

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Geofencing has mostly used a practical tool that lets fleet managers determine ineffective trends and prevent certain problems or issues to occur. This will help the company in managing each employee’s time and increase productivity and save up.