Property Management System

Property Management System

En Route offers property management and its managerial services to commercial and private real estate properties.

We are applying industry best processes and using best practices which has been achieved over the years of property development and management experience and tailor these to fit the specific needs of each client.

We are providing a complete range of property management solutions to address the challenges that our clients face from leasing process to facilities management and to property marketing.

  • Facilities Management: Complete facility management of all back end and front end services pertaining to operation of the building including housekeeping, security, operations, maintenance and IT.
  • Property Leasing: Tenant prospecting, designing retail tenancy mix, lease/contract management, legal affairs and casual property leasing.
  • Marketing: The promotion function of the property, aims to increase the profile of the mall and increase footfall levels via events, promotions and PR generating activities.

Facility Manager

Facility Manager to view Bills History, Payments History, Consumption Bills and Move in Move Out. He can check the premises unpaid bills for the current month or year and the total number of empty and occupied premises in a building.

Generate Building Bills

  • Area base Billing
  • Consumption base Billing

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Facilities Manager can add tenants and can view all tenants added by him in Tenants Section.

  • Bills – All bills of selected tenant.
  • Payments – All payment of selected tenant.
  • All Tenants Deposits mostly at time of Move in.
  • Move in-Move out History of tenant with premises.
  • Payment and Bills representation and comparison of total Monthly payments and total Monthly Bills.
  • Create New Tenant User – Facilities Manager can create Tenant User. Tenant can use his account to see his Bills, Payments and SOA. He can see online payment against his Bills.
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