Install, maintain, and repair gate barrier system with efficiency and convenience guaranteed

A Complete Service Package for Gate Barriers​

En Route Technologies is a reliable name for providing advanced security solutions to a wide scope of clients. From manual to advanced gates, we offer services for a wide scale of systems. Our professionals with years of experience in the relevant field guarantee satisfactory results every time. With an open communication line, we provide you the required service at your doorstep anytime you want.


What do we offer?


Our topnotch maintenance services help prevent the breakdown of barriers. With regular inspections by our professional technicians, the minor repairs are usually handled immediately to contain the damage. Enroutech helps ensure that your system is compliant with the local safety standards. We have all the advanced equipment required to monitor the efficiency of automatic systems. Similarly for manual gates, we conduct thorough examination to detect loopholes.


The installation of gate barriers is a tricky task and our professionals are fully equipped to conduct it. Our team conducts a comprehensive analysis of the site before proceeding any further. We look into every minor detail like ground balancing to ensure that everything goes smoothly during installation. After analyzing and gathering required information, we plan the most suitable mechanism for installation that saves time and cost.

Service and Repair

Whether you want a little fix or a complete overhauling, Enroutech offers the best service and repair in every way. We are available round the clock to respond to the maintenance needs of the clients. Our qualified technicians conduct detailed examination to get to the root cause of the problem. We analyze the extent of damage and provide the quickest and most cost-effective solution.

Why choose us?

Fast Service

Our dedicated team quickly responds to the client’s needs and provide the most appropriate service to them. We have an efficient mechanism that ensures that all the request are managed systematically. With the help of all the required equipment, we provide the service without any delay.

24/7 Availability

Enroutech offers 24/7 availability to the clients for their wide range of needs. Whether you need assistance in the broad daylight or in the middle of the night, you can contact us freely. With an efficient mechanism, we ensure that the most suitable individuals arrive at the site to handle the situation.


Enroutech is fully aware of the importance of meeting compliance for the gate barriers. Our certified engineers are trained to come up with solutions that are compliant with the safety legislations. With the assurance that your system fulfills all the governing measures, you can focus better on the functionality.