Connectivity (SD-WAN)

Connectivity (SD-WAN)SD-WAN or SDWAN (software defined wide area network) is a specific application of software- defined networking (SDN) technology applied to wide area network connections, which are used to connect enterprise networks including branch offices and data centers over large geographic distances as well.

A solution that is smarter and more flexible than ever. Manage an entire network and deliver applications on time on any platform with great security.

Network Control

It gives centralized control over a local access network globally. It delivers the agility, flexibility, scalability and simplicity needed to serve today’s business demands. It gives optimized access to Cloud services, private data centers and enterprise applications simultaneously over both broadband Internet and private links.

Network Efficiency

SD-WAN removes the complexity from connecting enterprise and data center sites with a low-cost, high-performance SD-WAN solution that is designed to bring the efficiency of Cloud to networking.

Performance & Reliability

Deliver hybrid WAN with high performance, reliability and transport, and provider flexibility to assure optimal performance even for demanding applications, such as voice and video.

Cloud Network

Data center network penalties eliminated with a cloud-ready network to provide an optimized direct path to public and private enterprise clouds.

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Virtual Services

By reducing the branch office footprint with a single click with seamless insertion and chaining of virtualized services on premise and in the cloud.

Automation & Orchestration

It enable zero-touch branch network deployment with automation and business policy-based orchestration.


By this it will improve application growth, more agility in the network and more simplified branch network implementations while delivering
optimized access to cloud data centers and applications.

Enterprise branch office WAN is experiencing business and technical issues due to massive increase of critical applications, cloud services and mobile devices but VMware SD-WAN addresses these issues or demands by steadily expanding bandwidth, delivering direct access to cloud applications and enabling seamless services.

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